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Hacking local defaults into GConf

It’s very useful to create a limited JHBuild moduleset that builds just a tiny portion of GNOME. We do this for GNOME Shell and it allows people to get GNOME Shell running in just a few minutes without debugging build problems in a gigantic pile of modules. However a persistent problem with doing this is […]

Timing frame display

Now that we know that we want to draw in frames, the question arises: how do we decide when to draw a new frame? Some criteria: smoothness – how high a frame rate can we sustain? latency – when we get an event, how quickly can we display that on the screen? reliability – if […]

Frames not Idles

The classic update cycle in GTK+ has very little overall coordination. If the widget hierarchy needs layout, we add an “idle function” to do that at the next opportunity. If a widget needs a redraw, we add an idle for that. If we want to animate something, we add a timer function to update the […]

GNOME Shell SOC Projects

Just wanted to quickly mention the three Google Summer of Code proposals that were accepted related to GNOME Shell. David Jordan is going to work on Application-aware Window Management . This is a really interesting proposal to allow applications to expose more content to the desktop window switching than just a single toplevel; for example, […]

Reinteract 0.5.0

People who have been reading my blog for a while may remember Reinteract. I haven’t written anything about it here for a while, but I’ve still been working on it; usually in a spurts of a few weeks of evening hacking at a time. I’m going to be talking about Reinteract at Pycon this weekend, […]