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Review Board vs. git-bz

I’ve recently been spending some time working on a light-weight web-based patch review tool, called Splinter, to go along with Bugzilla. I’m not quite ready to reveal it to the world, but I wanted to deal in advance with a question that is certainly going to come up – why not use Review Board? This […]

git bz push

A while ago I blogged about my git-bz tool for Git and Bugzilla integration. If you recall, the original idea was: git bz attach HEAD But that left a gap – once you were happy with the patch, how did you close the bug? You had to go back to your web brower, and […]

git-bz: Bugzilla subcommand for Git

Update: For current documentation, see: Now that gnome-shell development is in full swing, I’ve been spending a lot of time creating patches with git and git-svn, and then pasting the git-format-patch results into Bugzilla. That seemed like a highly automatable task. git-send-bugzilla wasn’t really what I was looking for. Hence, git-bz: # File the […]