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Do they have sheep in Burma?

Warning: the following is not for those overly squeamish about dietary fat, nor for the ethnic cuisine purist. I made the following stew on Sunday and have been feasting on the leftovers for the last two nights. It has no actual connection to Burma (or Myanmar), other than the combination of South and Southeast Asian […]


My cousin Alice from Germany has been staying me this week and exploring Boston, and we’ve done quite a bit of cooking in the evenings. On Saturday we cooked Indian: a dish of tomatoes and masoor daal (based on a recipe titled rasam, but it didn’t come out remotely like that, though it was tasty […]

Sweet Corn

One of the best benefits of being back up North is the ability to get good, fresh sweet corn. Now, I need to say here that corn sold in a supermarket is almost certainly not fresh. Corn that wasn’t picked the same day you eat it is not fresh. If you have ever ordered an […]