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Avoiding Jitter in Composited Frame Display

When I last wrote about compositor frame timing, the basic algorithm compositor algorithm was very simple: When we receive damage, schedule a redraw immediately If a redraw is scheduled, and we’re still waiting for the previous swap to complete, redraw when the swap completes This is the algorithm that Mutter has been using for a […]

Application/Compositor Synchronization

This blog entry continues an extended series of posts over the last couple of years. Older entries: Frames not Idles (May 2009) Timing Frame Display (June 2009) What to do if you can’t do 60fps (June 2011) Frame Timing the Simple Way (June 2011) What we figured out in the last post was that if […]

Setting Goals for GNOME

Often in GNOME, we think of goal setting is something that we can leave up to the board, or up to the marketing team. An appearance of direction that we layer on top of the what we are really working on. This is obviously backwards … everybody in GNOME should consider the goals of GNOME […]