Monthly Archives: September 2009

Splinter – patch review for Bugzilla

OK, time to make good on my promise to write about Splinter some more and show it off. The basic idea of Splinter (hinted at in my last post) is that instead of doing patch review as a completely new system and building all the infrastructure from scratch, it should be possible to do the […]

Review Board vs. git-bz

I’ve recently been spending some time working on a light-weight web-based patch review tool, called Splinter, to go along with Bugzilla. I’m not quite ready to reveal it to the world, but I wanted to deal in advance with a question that is certainly going to come up – why not use Review Board? This […]

git bz push

A while ago I blogged about my git-bz tool for Git and Bugzilla integration. If you recall, the original idea was: git bz attach HEAD But that left a gap – once you were happy with the patch, how did you close the bug? You had to go back to your web brower, and […]