GNOME Summit, day 2

I wanted to write a quick summary of yesterday … this isn’t going to be as detailed as my description of day 1, since I’m writing it while waiting for people to show up so we can start. On the other hand, with the beer summit last night, people might not be showing up too fast.

We started off yesterday with summaries as a group. Willie Walker gave an especially detailed summary of the work going on at the accessibility summit. Sounds like they are making good progress in figuring out a future transition away from Bonobo and ORBit and at improving the magnification facilities.

As on Saturday, most of the day was people hanging around talking and hacking, though there were some interesting sessions as well. Colin demo’ed Hotwire. As always, he had lots of really cool stuff to show, though I haven’t quite gotten over my reluctance to start over after 14 years of training myself on bash in a terminal. I’ll have to try it out again sometime soon. There was also a very well attended session on PulseAudio on GNOME in the afternoon, and probably a few more things that I’ll know about once we do the summaries today.

Behdad made it in today after spending Saturday at the Google SOC conference, so, as always I spent quite a bit of time talking to him about future Pango enhancements he has planned … figuring out a good API to load a specific font from a file, and optimizing the shaping process. (DejaVu has all these cool font features now, and we spend forever processing them, even for text where most of them don’t apply.)

After the the end of the day, everybody broke for the beer summit. Flat Top Johnny’s, where we had it, is a pool hall where we often have had GNOME release parties and local get-togethers in the past. We had a number of tables; the level of play by GNOMErs seemed to be notably low. (And yet lower when I was playing.) I left a bit before 11:00pm, so I’m not sure how late things ran.

The sessions already scheduled today have a certain naming similarity … we have a ConsoleKit / PolicyKit session, then a PackageKit demo session.

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