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Benchmarking compositor performance

Recently Phoronix did an article about performance under different compositing and non-compositing window managers. GNOME Shell didn’t do that well, so lots of people pointed it out to me. Clearly there was a lot of work put into making measurements for the article, but what is measured is a wide range of 3D fullscreen games […]

What does the user see?

As a long-time GNOME module maintainer and as a team lead within Red Hat, I often get people coming to me for advice about some technical issue or another. And no matter the issue, there’s one question that I’ll almost always end up asking at some point: “what does the user see?” Code, APIs, protocols […]

Istanbul Wed/Thu

I’m getting into Istanbul on Wednesday afternoon; going to spend Thursday there before driving over to visit Troy with JRB. (I need to do my touristing pre-GUADEC since I have other plans afterwards.) If anybody else is getting early and wants to meet up for dinner on Wednesday or sightseeing on Thurday, send me an […]