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A quick intro to the Mugshot data model

One thing I’ve been working on over the last few months is creating a flexible way for software running within the online desktop to retrieve information from the server. I’ve been calling this the “data model”; it’s not a single piece of software, but rather a set of concepts, protocols, and software components that all […]

Reinteract – Better interactive Python

Recently, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about computer analysis of musical sound and some experimentation. But there wasn’t really anything I knew of that fit my desires for an experimental platform. Python + numpy provided a good combination of a pleasant language and signal processing ability. But beyond that I wanted an […]

Element identity and structured data in XML

Like most people, my first experience with XML was with document formats: XHTML, SVG and so forth. So I’ve always had the idea that an XML element represents some sort of platonic ideal object: if you have an HTML anchor element or a SVG path element, it’s well defined what it means, and what the […]

There are no harmless race conditions

I spent most of Friday tracking down a problem we had been seeing with the Mugshot Windows client for months, where important parts of the client (Mugshot.exe) would mysteriously vanish from the system. This happened to both Bryan and Havoc when we pushed a new client release last week. Using information from that, combined with […]